Today’s murphy beds are a far cry from those of decades past. It’s easy – and stylish! – to add extra sleeping quarters to any room in your home with a custom Murphy bed from Allen’s. Deciding where to include extra sleeping quarters in your home can be frustrating. You don’t need an extra bed all the time so it’s hardly worth having an entire bedroom set aside. You’d rather not have your guests travelling back and forth to a hotel, sleeping on your living room sofa – or worse, on an air mattress on the floor. So, what’s the solution to your where-will-my-guests-sleep problem? A custom Murphy bed from Allen’s Custom Built-Ins. Sometimes called a wall – or foldaway bed, Murphy beds are an inspiring way to add extra sleeping space to your home without having to convert that space to a bedroom and losing the functionality of the room.

Created with your home’s design and style in mind, a Murphy bed simply hides in plain sight – folded up against a wall, encased in beautiful, custom wood cabinetry – until you’re ready to use it. Allen’s offers Murphy beds that will accommodate single, double or queen mattresses; plus, they can fold down vertically or horizontally, depending on what works within your space. There are also details like shelving, cupboards, finishes and recessed lighting to consider when designing the custom cabinetry that will surround the bed itself.

A customized Murphy bed will provide easily accessible guest space for sleeping. It will also give you the opportunity to add always-functional storage to your home. Plus, when your guests have gone home, the Murphy bed just folds away – and you’re done! Having a flexible space within your home that allows for the room and storage you need but includes the extra sleeping space that you want will change the way you feel about hosting overnight guests. Save the air mattress for a camp-out!

Design a beautiful new Murphy bed for your home with help from the team at Allen’s Custom Built-Ins!

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